Queen's Slipper 52's

The perfect all-round deck of playing cards. Queen’s Slipper 52’s are printed on high quality, casino slip, coated playing card board. They’re easy to shuffle and fan out, and each deck contains 52 cards and 2 jokers plus a Bridge score card. The 52’s measure 57×89mm in size and are available in both red and blue backs.


Traditional Queen’s Slipper Poker Cards allow you to create a professional, high quality playing card experience for your friends and family. Measuring 63x89mm, Queen’s Slipper Poker Cards are printed on premium, linen embossed stock for precise shuffling and dealing. Available in both red and blue backs, you can unveil your inner card shark with Queen’s Slipper Poker Cards.


Come up trumps with Queen’s Slipper 500’s. In addition to the standard 52 cards, the 500’s deck includes Elevens and Twelves in each suit, 2 Thirteens in the red suits, plus a Joker. Cards measure 57x89mm in size and each deck includes the rules of play. 500’s come in your choice of red or blue backs.


This double-deck contains 112 cards and is the ideal game for everyone who enjoys fast, fun, high-scoring card games. Canasta is suitable between 2 to 6 players. Queen’s Slipper Canasta cards are printed on high quality playing card board and are easy to shuffle and fan. Each double-deck includes the full rules of play.

Cosentino Marked Cards

Australia’s most successful illusionist Cosentino has teamed up exclusively with Queen’s Slipper to bring you magic Cosentino Marked Cards. Amaze your family and friends with these special packs of 52 playing cards that are secretly coded allowing you to perform spectacular magic tricks. Each deck of cards also includes a secret code allowing you to access exclusive tutorial videos featuring Cosentino.